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OlehOleh all proud to perform at the Israel's 74th Yom Haaztmaut celebrations at Park Raanana on May 4th. It was such a thrill to have the opportunity to sing Amen before an audience, rather than at home - as we did in 2020. The atmosphere was magical as we all celebrated this wonderful occasion one big family.

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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Oleh Oleh Ra'anana gave their final performance of 5780 to family and friends in the patio of the Performance Arts Centre in Ra'anana. The choir performed many beloved Israeli classics, conducted by Hedya and accompanied by the talented Cavenor family. Joining us were of course Nehama Efrati, from Ra'a'ana Municipality Absorption Department, as well as Oshra Sharvit and Esty Asher from Ra'anana Absorption Centre, who kindly shared a live stream of the performance on the Absorption Centre Facebook page. The patio was a wonderful venue, with dappled shade and gorgeous light as the sun set. Nehama ensured the food was delicious and a wonderful time was had by all. Until next September, keep safe, enjoy the summer.... and keep singing!

לא לפסיק לשיר!

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For over two years, Olim of all ages and backgrounds have sung & performed together every week in Ra’anana. Now it’s Jerusalem’s turn!

Jerusalem Olim will now get the chance to experience the joy of Oleh Oleh - meeting new people, improving their Hebrew and sharing the joy of singing.

If you’re interested in joining Oleh Oleh Jerusalem, or have an questions,

please get in touch via

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.

All singing abilities, all language abilities, all ages most welcome.

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